Ariosto Mila Peixoto Advogados Associados is an Office specializing in Bidding, Administrative Contracts, Criminal Administrative Law and Public Resources Management.

With a significant performance in assisting legally in administrative and legal spheres, also works together with the country and state Courts of Audit.

We also serve the Compliance processes, money laundering crimes, crimes against the public administration, bidding crimes, economic order crimes, economic order offenses before CADE and acts of administrative misconduct.

We evaluate and plan the action to be taken, the inclusion and the shareholdings of companies in the public market strategy.

We conduct training and legal support for Auctioneers and Bidding Committee members; we give support when implementing hiring departments, we prepare the regulation of administrative bidding and contracting units and also, we evaluate and make the implementation of the bidding method called Trading tecnically possible in its attendance and electronical form. Furthermore, we advise companies when participating in bidding as well as in administrative contract management.

Our office can also make online meetings, a kind of attendance in which our customers receive support directly from their attorneys without having to move from one place to another. Klick here and ask for a contact.